Lapel Pins

We provide a collection of Lapel Pins from the flower lapel pin to the contemporary metal lapel pin.

Cool Lapel Pin

If you’re looking for a Lapel Pin, we recommend the following types:

  1. Flower Lapel Pin, made from fabric and provides a stylish quality cool look
  2. Pins – Elegant and stylish pins to enhance your jacket making you look and feeling great
  3. Metal Lapel Pin – a selection of cool tie clips ranging from a Scull to Butterfly, perfect for any jacket.


With a range of different lapel pin for you to choose from, we recommend the following: 

  • Flower lapel Pin – An elegant and stylish lapel pin range, enhances your jacket and provides a stylish and cool look. It is therefore, perfect for any occasion
  • Scull Lapel Pin – A contemporary and cool lapel pin to help you look great, perfect for the stylish gent. Available in gold, silver and gun metal silver
  • Scorpion Lapel Pin – an excellent lapel pin, adding a unique look to a jacket, allowing a  modern style look on any occasion, available in gold and silver
  • Butterfly Lapel Pin – a stand out lapel pin, perfect for those events where you want to enhance your jacket and show a modern stylish look.
  • Unicorn Lapel Pin –A cool lapel pin that adds elegance to your jacket. In gun metal silver, the lapel helps you to stand out with style.

Stylish Lapel Pin


All lapel pins are made to a high quality standard, providing a cool and stylish look. Our lapel pin ranges from a fabric flowers for a unique stylish look to a collection of modern and cool lapel pins to enhance your jacket for the perfect look.


With the variation of lapel pins on offer, A Key Moustache provides unique cool stylish lapel pins that fit well on any jacket, whether work, attending a wedding, a party, interview or everyday wear; we will have the perfect lapel pin for you.