We provide a collection of cufflinks from a pair of silver cufflinks to a pair of blue cufflink.

Cool Cufflinks

If you’re looking for a pair of cufflinks, we recommend the following types:

  1. Silver cufflinks, a pair of simple cufflinks that provide an elegant classic look
  2. The stone cufflinks – Elegant and stylish cufflinks, ranging from one to three stone to provide a stylish and cool look helping you look and feeling great
  3. The patterned cufflinks – a selection of patterned perfect to give you a stylish look.


With a range of different lapel pin for you to choose from, we recommend the following: 

  • Silver Cufflinks – An elegant and stylish pair of cufflinks to help enhances your shirt and provide a classy and cool look, perfect for any shirt and occasion
  • Blue Striped Cufflinks – A contemporary and cool pair of cufflinks to help you look great and perfect for a modern look.
  • Checked Cufflinks – an excellent pair of cufflinks, adding a unique look to a shirt, providing a modern style look for the perfect occasion.
  • Blue Stone Cufflinks – a stand out pair of cufflink, perfect for those events where you want to enhance your look and show a modern stylish look.
  • Three Stone Cufflinks – A great pair of stylish cufflinks that adds elegance to your look. Stand out with style

Stylish Cuffflinks

 All cufflinks are made to a high quality standard, providing a cool and stylish look. Our cufflinks provide a unique stylish look to a collection of modern and cool cufflinks to enhance your jacket for the perfect look.


With the variation of cufflinks on offer, A Key Moustache provides unique cool stylish cufflinks that fit well with any look, whether work, attending a wedding, a party, interview or everyday wear; we will have the perfect pair of cufflinks for you.